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Small businesses are in a unique position when it comes to investing in communication. They may not have access to the kind of funds that larger businesses have at their disposal. However, with a VoIP phone service, it will improves your team communication and providing your organization with a comprehensive and professional communication system.

In order to be cost-effective and worth the investment, small businesses require a VoIP phone service. It will benefit their company in more ways than one. The beauty of VoIP phones is that they can offer far-reaching benefits to an organization. Also improving not just communication but offering an impact across the board for small businesses.

1. It impresses potential customers 

When seeking to compete with larger businesses, there is a key obstacle for small businesses. The small businesses will to look as professional and reliable as their bigger counterparts. There might not be a myriad of employees to handle inquiries or the budget to hire a receptionist to shepherd your calls. With a VoIP phone, these obstacles are obsolete.

Gaining the trust of potential clients is imperative, especially in the early stages of pitching your company. Having a VoIP phone service gives your business the right image and efficiency. As well as the professional touch for your customers to see.

On a busy day, you may not have the manpower to get every call answered immediately. Having hold music makes that wait more bearable for your customers. Traditional phone lines could remain engaged for long periods of time. That caused tied up phone lines or the dreaded busy tone to incoming callers. VoIPstudio has call transferring abilities so that all available employees can assist customers in a timely manner.

Clients will have confidence in a company that they feel is robust and trustworthy. That’s why building the right first impression can have a positive impact on your business for years to come. The saying goes that you only get one chance to make a first impression. A VoIP phone service gives your business the best chance to get that right.

2. It helps scale your team 

As your business grows you may need to hire new staff. With a traditional phone line, it is costly with additional fees for hardware and time needs to train staffs. VoIP phones significantly reduce the costs involved. Cost can be cut down by providing employees with headsets at their computers. Alternatively, allow employees to use mobile VoIP. Meaning there is no need to purchase brand new phones for each employee.

VoIPstudio also offers handy step-by-step tutorials to assist employees with grasping the ins and outs of the system. When your team is growing, additional communication costs shouldn’t be prohibitive.

3. VoIP provides flexibility to your team 

As a small business, you may not be able to compete with larger employers. Especially when it comes to things such as office luxuries, however increasing flexibility benefits could work in your favor. In efforts to have a better work-life balance, increasing numbers of employers are offering staff remote working and flexible hours. Being desk bound by a traditional phone system prohibits the flexibility that many people need.

A VoIP phone service gives your business the flexibility. It allows your employees to work from any location, at any time, whilst maintaining a professional image. Research from the CIPD has shown companies can reap several benefits. For example, increased productivity, better employee morale and a stronger commitment to their organization by allowing staff more freedom to work in a way that suits their individual needs. Taking care of your team is an essential part of running a small business. It is one of the reasons why some people find the idea of working for a smaller organization more appealing.

4. It creates an easy work day 

There are a number of ways in which a VoIP phone service can increase productivity levels for your business. Replacing an out-of-date traditional phone system with an intuitive and comprehensive VoIP phone service will make your employee’s jobs easier. Communication between colleagues is made simpler with the option of instant messenger chat and employees can set their ‘status’ so that colleagues know when they are free to talk – all of this makes for more effective time management.  

Video-conferencing can be utilized in place of time-consuming physical meetings – saving meeting room and travel costs. Calls can be forwarded when needed and recorded messages can be played to inform customers of useful information such as opening hours. 

5. Helps to maintain customer relationships 

Maintaining positive communication with customers is the key to a long and fruitful relationship. Customers can grow tired and frustrated when they find contacting a company difficult or time-consuming, the flexibility of a VoIP phone service allows a business to be available for customers at any time and any place.  

If your business has decided to allow employees flexible working, then calls can be taken at home either on desktop or mobile. Should an issue arise, and a member of staff needs assistance from a colleague whilst helping a customer, they can transfer the call through to someone else, set up a 3-way call, or stay on the line whilst contacting their colleague on IM chat. This means that the customer is not kept waiting for a callback and is left satisfied with the standard of customer service they have received.  


In an increasingly crowded marketplace, businesses need to strive to stand out from the crowd. A VoIP phone system can benefit a small business in many ways, helping your business to project a professional image whether you are in the office or working from your spare room. VoIPstudio is on hand to adapt to your changing business requirements, provide a simpler working life for your employees and allowing you to always put customer service first. Learn more about how to implement a VoIP phone service and let your small business thrive.  

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