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CRM System

Build Better Business

Empowered for Growth with Tecso CRM Solution

The value of a great CRM system is measured by increased won business and accelerated new customer acquisition.

Save Marketing Costs, Increase Sales Revenue

CRM automates your marketing efforts & generates higher quality leads. It increases the productivity of your sales team. Ultimately bringing more sales to the company.

Make Better Business Decisions

Seamless, intuitive technology allows you to manage your sales, marketing & customer service activities in a single platform. This offers you a better foresight to move your company forward.

Promote Customer Loyalty

CRM automates your marketing efforts & generates higher quality leads. It increases the productivity of your sales team. Ultimately bringing more sales to the company.

Improve Coordination & Productivity among team members

Tecso CRM helps to automate complex business processes to drive productivity across all departments.

One place. For your business information

With a CRM system in place, you will know every key details about every customer. Right down to their last purchase or conversation with your team. This will give you the power to impress them with exceptional customer service and personalized service. It is the professionalism and excellent service that sets you apart from your competitors. That’s the true power of a well-designed CRM solution.

Contact Management

Collect data about your leads and organize your contacts to save hours of work. You can easily update your individual customer records with details like:


  • Contact Information
  • Orders and account balance
  • Lead source and lead score
  • Task and appointment history
  • Website activity history
  • Interactions with your team and brand

Data Management

Overwhelmed by the tons of contact information? A good CRM software simplifies and speeds up data management tasks, so you can focus on what really matters:


  • Add contacts on-the-go from your mobile device
  • Importing data into the platform
  • Automatically checking for duplicate records

Segmentation of Customers

Segmentation is the key to sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time. You can strengthen your relationship with your customers using information like:


Lead score

Email clicks


Payment history

Calendar and task management

Bring sanity back to your chaotic life using CRM tools to organize, prioritize, and work through your sales activities.

Manage your appointments

Link tasks to individual contacts

Automatically generate tasks based on contacts’ behaviour

Set reminders for tasks

Streamline your work processes and daily activities

Lead Scoring

With lead scoring, you can spend more time following up on hot leads who are ready to become customers immediately.

Customers buying cycle change fast. You will need to get into their buying cycle before your competitor does. You can score your leads based on the following criteria:

Customer Behaviour


Customer Interactions

CRM for Service Business

Our CRM is highly scalable & customizable. Depending on your company’s need, we will offer you the most optimum modules.

Lead Management


Client Contact Management


Sales Management


Interactive & Mobile Friendly


Email Integrated


Marketing Automation


Click to Call Function


Customised Workflow & Approval Process


Real-Time Management Dashboard


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