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CRM powered Websites that sells for you

Is your eCommerce website effective in selling?

“eCommerce Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.1 % resulting in a market volume of US$5,489m in 2022.” ~ Statista

With the rise of eCommerce, there comes a challenge in differentiating yourself from your nearest competitor. To do that, we need to provide your clients with better experience, prompt services, understanding them better… etc.

You will need more than a eCommerce website. You need a CRM-powered eCommerce website. Set yourself ahead of your competition today!

Effective Lead Generation

A good website is the online representation of your brand. If customers do not engage with the content of your website, they leave. Websites can be a good lead conversion tool if done properly. Speak to us to find out more.

Expand Your Sales Territory

Online is an extension of your business. Businesses have encountered an average increase of around 10-25% just by offering their services online. Customers are also more savvy now and they are searching online for products that they need. Are they able to find you?

Reduce Your Overheads

With your products and services on eCommerce, you can sell more while keeping your overhead costs low. This gives you the additional scalability, that your business needs to grow your business faster.

Every business is unique

Websites are not just about look and feel. It is also about the message, the brand, the user experience.

At Tecso, we have a team of experienced marketers and CRM experts that can share our expertise to get you started fast;

So you can start selling faster. 😉

The knowledge power of your CRM

What smart companies are beginning to realize that a CRM is a single-solution that’s sole purpose is to be a central point for all of the departments in your business. As a result, and as long as your CRM has the most up to date data entered can deliver a...

The Dos and Don’ts for CRM

When CRM system are properly implemented, the results can be outstanding, but for a variety of reasons, CRM projects sometimes fail, so here are our top ten do’s and don’ts to ensure the success of CRM project: DON’T see CRM as just software. Even for...


A CRM is one of the most beneficial assets that a company can have. But like most things in business if your going to invest the time and money into something like a CRM you want to make sure that you are going to get a ROI (return on your investment) and...

Top 8 Benefits of a CRM

1. Extraordinary time saving The initial set up of your CRM system may seem time-consuming and tedious, temporarily increasing your workload and data entry,but that's exactly it, temporary. In the case of implementing or changing your CRM, the larger the...

Customer loyalty lies in your CRM

Increasing revenue is the focus of anyone who works in sales but with most sales people focused on new clients, they tend to forget about the current clients that they have. Despite it being easier and cheaper to keep current clients and sell or up sell to them, sales...

You can no longer build your business using spreadsheets

One of the most common ways in which companies attempt to save on expenses is by consolidating software applications, using them for multiple purposes which they may not have originally been designed for. Software can be multi-servicing, so it is often a...

How to solve spreadsheet problem

If you need to make a list of anything, the easy solution is probably using Excel as the default solution. After all, it’s only a small list of items for yourself or a few close colleagues. Right? In the event when you need something more sophisticated, all you need...

How to Make Your CRM a Sales Success

You’ve decided to take the beneficial step in acquiring CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for your business, but now you need to know how to use it as effectively as you can in order to get the most for the sales of your operation. You are...

What is a CRM system

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a tool for collecting and managing the information and interactions your business has with your customers, sales leads, suppliers or other businesses. Why do you need a CRM? Excel and Google Sheets is not...

Every Small Business Needs a CRM

What Is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. For every business, a CRM is the software that aids in the methods, procedures and technologies. Which is widely used by the organisation to officiate and analyze their customer interactions. The software...

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