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A sales team is usually consisting of different types of personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. However, one thing most people on a team has in common – they are naturally driven and always looking for new ways to be the top performers.

In order to help them consistently achieve their goals, you can teach them how to instill better habits. For example, learning from industry leaders through blogs and podcasts each week, taking e-Learning courses and working with a mentor regularly. At the end of the day, your sales team can improve on their performance and better focuses on revenue. Revenue represents black and white data. It proves the success or failure of your team’s efforts.

Revenue building is important to companies and their sales departments. Let’s look into some important revenue building habits you can share with your own sales team.

1.Check Metrics Every Day

If your sales team has the habit of checking their performance daily to assess what went well and where there are opportunities, it begins the process of immediate course correction. You may use data provided through your CRM to measure performance. For examples the number of calls made and the number of face-to-face meetings held will provide daily insights into each stage of the sales cycle. Therefore, helping your team to better optimize the sales time and strategy.

2.Track Competitors

Data can be utilized to track our competition as well, sometimes referred to as competitive intelligence. You can know how the competition is doing and keep track of how your competitors are selling and performing. With comparison of your own data metrics within a robust business intelligence software against the industry bench-marking metrics. Display this competitor information on an easily-accessed dashboard, made available to the whole team.

3.Qualify the Best Lead and Pursue the Best Opportunities

Get your sales team in the habit of constantly checking their sales pipeline and to be selective about qualifying only the best sales opportunities. By focusing on quality, the team will be able to prioritize their time and attention.

4.Upsell Immediately

One of the best ways to build revenue is by immediately upselling. The best products to try to upsell are complementary products that pair well with the initial product just purchased. CRM can help your team to present an upsell offer to the customer based on their purchase and purchase history. Make effort to pre-segment your customers into types. Then use automation tools within the CRM to suggest products that the current customer’s segment usually prefers.


Cultivating follow-up is one of the most important habits for your sales team. It is critical to the overall success of your team that prospects and customers feel valued. Touching base with your customers, or even personal dates like birthdays and anniversaries, are excellent ways to foster relationships. These are difficult to manage manually, however, using relationship intelligence and CRM together to organize these details can be a game changer.

In conclusion, to successfully incorporate new habits, consider the use of software technology. CRM for instance, it can help you and your team in optimizing your sales strategy and building revenue.

(Source: a guest post from Jessica Barrett Halcom, a writer for TechnologyAdvice.com. Over the last 17 years, she has written about topics related to human resources, marketing, healthcare, transportation, technology and leadership.