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When CRM system are properly implemented, the results can be outstanding, but for a variety of reasons, CRM projects sometimes fail, so here are our top ten do’s and don’ts to ensure the success of CRM project:

DON’T see CRM as just software. Even for small implementations a CRM project is a strategic shift involving staff, process and procedures

DO allocate internal resources and schedule staff time specially dedicated to your CRM project (your business partner will be able to advise you on the amount required)

DON’T choose a CRM software solution until you have carefully jotted down what you want it to do for you

DO adopt and work to a CRM project management methodology

DON’T forget to update your documentation, processes and procedures to reflect change when you alter, update or change your CRM system

DO get buy-in from your staff – make sure they clearly see the advantages, have provided input, understand the system and are trained to use it properly

DON’T expect to get the ROI instantly after deploying it. Learn that it’s a gradual process.

DO review then system on a regular basis. As your business changes, so will your CRM system. Regular review its functionality from a process, user and technical perspective

DON’T stop communicating! Arguably, the most common cause of failure of CRM projects is poor communication

DO choose a business partner that provides a full range of services, has more than one CRM software options, and can demonstrate their ability to implement your CRM system quickly